Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers e-book

The Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers (SoSLP) is a collective based around the principles of quality, environmental awareness and the promotion of Scotlands landscape. The Society boasts many of the finest landscape photographers that are active today. As a proud member of the The SoSLP I was pleased to be part of an exhibition scheduled to have run from 24th April to 16th May 2020, an exhibition which should have been the largest landcsape exhibition held in Scotland with over 130 works on display. Unfortunately the Covid 19 pandemic has caused the exhibition to be postponed until Spring 2021

Despite this disappointment the SoSLP are pleased to announce the release of the exhibitions official e-book which was was due to go live shortly after the exhibition. Its a superb book with over 190 pages full of wonderful images, some info about the photographers involved and I urge you to take the time to have a look..