For photographers all around the country, in fact around the world, lockdown has been a very frustrating time. Indeed for those who make their living from photography this will be a very worrying time and I genuinely feel for them. For those who are semi-professional or have photography as a hobby or passion then the lack of opportunities to get out with their camera will be disheartening. Being unable to travel has put the brakes so to speak on travelling for Landscape photography, Sports photographers and Event photographers have nothing to shoot, and studios across the country are closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

During this unprecedented time I found myself itching to use my camera, it was all the more frustrating as I had only just recieved my new camera a week or so before lockdown started. Thankfully during the lockdown period there has been a glorious spell of weather across the country and I found myself, along with the rest of my immediate family, having the time to just sit in the conservatory or garden much more than we usually are able. During these relaxing times I have noticed and I am amazed at just how much activity goes on in the garden on a daily basis that we either just dont see or we just take for granted.

I have watched as the birds, and insects went about about their business every day, I have watched the flowers grow and bloom and there has even been a field mouse making an appearance now and then. It has been the birds though that have captured my attention, I'm no expert but in one day I counted 10 different species of our feathered friends visiting our garden. Collared Doves, Magpies, Blackbirds, House Sparrows and a wee Robin are regular visitors along with  Jackdaws, Crows, and Blue tits. I was delighted to have a pair of Great tits nest in one of our bird boxes and I enjoyed watching them fly to and fro everyday, firstly building the nest then feeding the young and finally to see the fledgelings appear safe and well was a lovely moment.

So now I had subjects, out came my camera, I photographed the comings and goings of all the birds that visited. Some such as the tits and sparrows were very challenging as they are small and very fast, others like the Magpies and Doves are bigger and slightly easier to capture. However for me the stars of the show are the Starlings, they are very regular visitors to the garden and are always Quarrelling and squaking loudly they fight over the food and are very amusing to watch. Starlings are very common and are often treated as a bit of a pest, but I have enjoyed having them in the garden and I would miss them if they stopped visiting. During the breeding season (as it ihas been over the lockdown period) when the light is right they are quite beautiful birds with iridescent glossy green and purple plumage and bright yellow bills and they make for some really pleasing images.

I have really enjoyed watching the wonder and beauty that is right on my doorstep, I'm thankful that I have been able to spend some time capturing my garden visitors (and residents) and I will try in future to make the time to continue to watch them more often.

I urge you if you dont already do so, to take a look at whats going on around you everyday and hopefully you will get some enjoyment from it. In the meantime I hope you enjoy these few images of the Starlings that I'd like to share with you.