Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit. Photography is my passion, however it is also a time for me to unwind, relax and get away from my busy day to day routine. Photography has taught me to see the world in a new way, it has made me to look at and appreciate my surroundings and the way the light touches our wonderrful world much more than I ever did before. I'm so blessed to live in such a beautiful country withwonderful and infinite photo opportunities. I hope you will linger and spend a few moments looking through my galleries at some of my favourites.

My photographic images are of course two dimensional, they will never be able to convey all that my senses would percieve while capturing them, my photographs cannot for example ler you hear the sounds, smells or even temperature of the places I visit. However I hope that by sharing my images you will enjoy them and have some understanding of the experiences and emotions I have had while out with my camera.

In Landscape photography my favourite time to capture images is the hour before and after sunrise. While most folk are still asleep, being a witness to the beginning of a new day in the stillness and freshness of the morning can be spectacular. Seeing a magnificent sunrise in its entirety or the early morning mist lingering over a loch are sights that I long to see again and again and if that means a 3am or 4am alarm then that’s fine with me, it’s absolutely worth it! 

In my wildlife photography I am often in wonder of how perfectly the creatures have evolved or adapted to their habitats and at the amazing variety of the life that surrounds us. 

Studio work is a genre I really enjoy and in this area I try to be creative and produce images that will captivate and please the viewer. Ultimately I hope my pictures will be appreciated and enjoyed by those who view them.

Perhaps you will take a few minutes to watch and enjoy this very short video which was filmed a few weeks before the Covid-19 lockdown by Cameron Moffat a fantastic young, London based filmmaker. The video simply shows me doing what I love to do,. I hope that you will take pleasure in looking at my work and that you will want to visit again. 

Brian Cathie 

A Scottish Photographer in London